About Us

Open Source Legal is meant to serve as a community resource. Eventually, we'd like to give project owners the ability to submit and maintain their own pages. For now, we're just a dedicated group of legal technologists working hard to help the legal industry become more open and more interoperable.

We Believe in an Interoperable Legal Future

Law defines and shapes every aspects of our public lives. We believe that the infrastructure that powers the future of industry - hopefully one that is data-driven, fast, responsive and affordable - should be built to be inclusive and interoperable. We're all working to help make that happen, either by bringing great projects and tools to your attention or building them ourselves where we can't find what we (and maybe you) need.

Want to Contribute?

Have an open legal project or initiative you want to share? Want to help us complete our directory? Have an idea for a new tool or want to help contribute to our existing tools? Drop us a line.

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