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Cooley GO

Collection of maintained legal documents for company formations and venture financings

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Cooley LLP is a U.S.-based law firm that has a large practice group focused on startups and emerging companies. This practice group runs and maintains Cooley GO, a web portal packed full of free contract templates, document automation tools, and a great knowledge-base for startups and tech companies. As with many similar types of law firm websites (e.g. Latham Drive or Goodwin Founders Workbench), Cooley GO is clearly designed in large part for lead-generation, so you won't be able to (nor should you try to) replace a good set of lawyers with the service or the form documents.

<u>Cooley GO's document collection includes the following automated templates as of July 11, 2021:</u>

  1. US and UK Incorporation Packages
  2. US and UK NDAs (one-way and mutual)
  3. US and UK Employment and Consultancy Agreements
  4. US and UK Website Terms of Use
  5. Privacy Policy
  6. Seed and Note Term Sheets and Financing Documents
  7. SAFEs and KISSes


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Cooley LLP

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Cooley LLP is a US-based law firm with over 1,200 lawyers practicing across 17 offices in the United States, Asia and Europe.