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Open source contract labeling and analysis platform based on .NET


Etatonna is a full-featured contract labeling and review platform built in Microsoft .NET framework developed by the UK-based law firm Travers Smith. The tool has two core functions:

  1. First, it lets you label and review text labels in individual contracts. This will be useful for those hoping to build training sets to train contract clause classifiers. Note, however, that the interface is built to label plain text extracted from the documents uploaded to the platform. While this approach works, we suspect some attorneys may not appreciate being unable to review documents with their original formatting and layout.

  2. The platform's second use case is to help you manage the review and labeling of a collection of documents. The platform lets you create distinct collections of documents and track the review of the collection. It has some basic analytics capabilities and a dashboard that lets you review the prevalence of different labels and document types in a given collection, as well as the progress towards the completion

Released under a GPLv3 license, it may not be a good choice for commercial projects where you don't want to release your source code. Likewise, while the source is available, it's not on GitHub and you need to e-mail Travers Smith to get access to their repository. If you're used to working in the Microsoft ecosystem, however, Etatonna is one of the few open source legaltech projects built on a Microsoft-based code base and could be just what you're looking for.


Open Source:Yes
Paid Support:No



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Track Progress of Labeling or Reviewing a Set of Contracts

Etatonna provides some basic workflow tools to let you track the review of document collections.


Full Featured Plain Text Contract Labeling

Etatonna provides a contract labeling and review experience that revolves around extracted plain text. You can easily review and tag spans of text as examples of particular legal provisions. Likewise, you can tag document types easily as well. It does not appear the platform supports labeling directly in .pdf or .docx, however, so you lose the benefit of reviewing contracts in their original format and must review and label the extracted plain text.