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Founders Workbench

Goodwin Procter's Online Collection of Startup Contracts, Tools and Knowledge


Founders Workbench is a resource to building tech businesses with a knowledge base and a series of web-based resources that the firm collectively offers under the moniker of the "Founders Toolbox", including:

  1. <u>Document Driver</u> - a series of free document templates and document automation tools to create companies;
  2. <u>Capital Calculator</u> - a tool to help calculate liquidation and dilution in financings and exits;
  3. <u>Deal Dictionary</u> - a tool to help founders understand VC and legal jargon; and Founders Finder;
  4. <u>Founders Finder</u> - a knowledge base for founders that includes guidance on common subjects like finding the right accelerator incubator, finding a 409A valuation firm, choosing your board of directors, permitting issues and more.


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