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UK Legal Schema

A UK-centric hybrid smart contract specification and open source tool-chain heavily influenced by the Accord Project.


The UK Legal Schema appears to have evolved out of a specification the British Standards Institute started developing in 2020 with the input of early movers in the hybrid smart contract space like the Accord Project. UK Legal Schema announced its draft specification and toolchain in March 2021. While the website itself doesn't refer to the Accord Project, it appears that UK Legal Schema's live contract editor is forked from the Accord Project's now abandoned Template Studio v2, and the underlying data model, markup language and scripting language are all based on Accord Project code. Given the


Open Source:Yes
Paid Support:No





This hybrid smart contract spec has a human readable element, a data layer and a logic layer.

The UK Legal Schema architectures bears a lot of similarity to the Accord Project and is designed to have a separate natural language "view" layer, a data layer and a logic layer.