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Open and free collaborative document editing platform with modular architecture


This is an interesting enough standalone tool as a free and open (with limits) alternative to products like Google Docs and Office 365, but we've also heard reports of it being the licensed and built into some cutting edge legaltech - namely powering the document editing views of the Scissero and BlackBoiler platforms. The free, fully open source release of the platform lets you have up to 20 concurrent users edit their choice of Word, Excel or PowerPoint files. If you need more than 20 concurrent users, however, you'll need to upgrade to a paid license. Since the open source version is licensed under the viral GNU Affero license, you'll need to negotiate with the developer for a license if you want to use the underlying code in your own closed source products. The good news is, it appears it's easy to create plugins and you can use ONLYOFFICE as a way to quickly bootstrap enterprise-grade document viewing and editing features.


Open Source:Yes
Paid Support:Yes





Full Featured Word Processor

ONLYOFFICE appears to close to feature parity with Microsoft Word. The document editing experience is smooth and easy to use.


Advanced Features Like Doc Compare are Included

In addition to handling basic document editing, ONLYOFFICE has a full-fledged document comparison interface, its own macro architecture and the ability to quickly and easily deploy plugins.


Nice Spreadsheet Editor Interface

We've spent less time with the spreadsheet editor, but it looks as full-featured and usable as the word processor.


Comprehensive Spreadsheet Editing

We haven't used this functionality ourselves, but, again, it looks well-built and, if it's anything like the word processor, it will be a familiar and pleasant experience for anyone coming from Office 365 or Microsoft Office.