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The most comprehensive, turnkey, open source document automation tool available. Has a robust community and good balance of ease-of-use and feature set.

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Document Automation



Open Source:Yes
Paid Support:Yes



Tech Stack




docassemble can deliver drag and drop interviews to end-users, but technical skills such as Jinja2 and Markdown are required to set these up.

The underlying templates are built in either Markdown or Jinja2 tags in MS Word templates. The docassemble ecosystem offers a visual editor add-in that you can use to simplify template creation in Microsoft Word. Much of the document coding and logic is done in YAML, a simple, human-readable markup language. Without some familiarity with these markup/markdown languages, you may struggle to use the tool, however.


docassemble offers numerous features and add-ons to help admins and template authors deliver their templates to end-users

The platform is built on the common Flask web framework and uses Twitter's Bootstrap frontend framework. It has an open API; a fast, multi-threaded document generation engine; and a responsive frontend that looks good on both desktops and mobile phones. Since it's a dockerized application, advanced users will be able to scale their application's resources as needed.


Thanks to a responsive, modern frontend, docassemble can be used to delivery questionnaires to mobile and desktop users

docassemble is designed to let you collect the data you need for a template from end-users. The end users don't need to have any special knowledge about how templates or built or constructed. They can simple fill out simple, well-styled questionnaires and the docassemble system will take care of document generation and delivery.