Own Your Legal Data with Open Legal Technology

Groundbreaking innovation doesn't happen in vaccum, rather it is built on the cumulative efforts of a community of innovators. In the same way that open, interoperable software triggered an explosion of innovation in consumer hardware and software, we believe it can do the same for law. We've started the world's first directory of open legal technology to help you free your data.

What is Open Legal Technology & What Can It Do for You?

If you run a legal organization or business, your core value is your data and know-how. No two practices are the same, and there's rarely one right way to work. Don't get locked into applications you can't customize or can't get your data out of. Open legal technology means products that provide you with open APIs, exports to an open data format, or are completely open source.

The Benefits of an Open Architecture:

No Lock In

Some law firms were founded centuries before the PC and have an obligation to continue providing great service long after many vendors might disappear.

Free to Customize

Legal work rhymes, but it's never the same. Because open legal technology permits you to, at a minimum, export your data, you can always build tools to deliver and use data as required by your organization.

Deployment Flexibility

Not everything should be in the cloud, and not everything in the cloud should move to server-less architectures. When you're locked into closed platforms, however, you have to accept the deployment solutions your vendors prefer.

Don't Re-invent the Wheel

Because you can export and import data, and, preferably, have full access to software's functionality through APIs, you can leverage the capabilities of existing tools in new systems without having to rebuild the same functionality.

Featured Open Legal Projects


Wicked fast and wildly popular NLP library built for analyzing legal text

Cooley GO

Collection of maintained legal documents for company formations and venture financings


GREMLIN lets you deliver complex, bespoke legal analytics tools to non-technical end-users with a simple GUI.

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